How we helped a Business Client with Repayment of Beneficiary Loans

An existing client wanted to borrow against their factory (owned by Trust) where they operated their business from and repay existing beneficiary loans which had been left in the business for many years. Funds were then used repay personal/non-deductible debts.

Challenges Faced

Post Covid, Commercial finance has been challenging and requires a particular expertise in understanding how businesses performed during Covid using detailed information to financially assess and then clearly articulate to Lenders.

Debt recycling strategies need to be carefully articulated to Lenders after validation with the client’s Accountants.

Funding required at 70% of the commercial property value.


We were able to source a Lender leveraging off a strong existing Broker & client relationship to obtain competitive business rates and fees, whilst matching the finance terms to our client’s needs.

A delighted long-term client with more tax-deductible debt & reduced non-deductible debt.

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