Our finance brokers have many years of experience, qualifications and industry ‘know how’ to make your process of arranging finance much easier.

We access leading edge mortgage software, and with over 30 lenders available on our panel, we will help you to understand your borrowing capacity, and assist in matching your personal or business needs to the market.

Read our 10 Step Loan Process which outlines our “end to end” service in more detail.

A quote from Mike Felton, Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia, 2018

“In an era of increasing product and credit policy complexity, brokers are able to educate and guide customers through the process, reducing the time, stress and administrative burden associated with securing a loan, and assisting the customer to select an appropriate product suited to their financial circumstances, needs and objectives. Brokers provide customers with wider choice and access to an increased range of products than they would otherwise likely reach without assistance, thus seeking to ensure customers receive a competitive interest rate for their given circumstances.

Although price/interest rate is a key aspect of the loan, the broker value proposition equates to significantly more than just ensuring that the customer receives a competitive interest rate for their given circumstances. Brokers provide a unique combination of choice, convenience, personalised service and advice with the cost of that customer’s introduction paid by the lender.

Mortgage brokers also provide greater customer relationship continuity and enhanced industry experience. A Broker’s business is based on the relationship model and is contingent on customer referrals, established by a history of good customer outcomes.

As a result of the strong value proposition offered by brokers, an increasing number of consumers are making use of broker services, with 55.7% of all residential mortgage business being conducted via a broker in the quarter ending September 2017″.