Last month our FPG team raised almost $3,000 for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) by participating in the Shut Up! For MND challenge; managing to meet the challenge by spending an entire work day in the office without speaking!

It was an eye opening experience for the team, who gained a small sense for what it must be like in the case of many MND sufferers who lose the ability to speak whilst the brain and body may continue to function.

On average, every day 2 Australians are diagnosed with MND, and every day 2 Australians die from MND.

MND Victoria has focused on care and support programs to improve the lives of thousands of families impacted by MND for the last 42 years. Their mission is to provide and promote the best possible care and to those living with MND.

First Point Group is proud to support such a wonderful and important cause.

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