How we helped a Covid impacted Self-employed client purchase a property

We recently provided advice to a Client who was a CPA Accountant, and his partner who owned an education business which was severely Covid impacted due to lockdowns and not being able to provide education services to students for many months.

Challenges Faced

Our Clients were renting, and they wanted to commit to a property purchase as their landlord (the Vendor) was selling their home.  They liked the home and did not want to move.

The business income was impacted by Covid.


By carefully researching complex Lender policies around self employed income, taking account of Covid Government payments, and negotiating with Lenders using BAS Statements and the partner’s CPA qualification as a negotiating tool, we were able to secure the loan for the Clients who were very happy to be able to stay in their home as the new owners.

Often, the role of a Mortgage Broker is to think “outside the box” to find solutions for Clients, when every person has a different set of circumstances.  At First Point Group we are passionate about helping our Clients to achieve their goals.

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