How we helped a client Purchase a Home – Commission Income Earner

One of our clients wanted to purchase an owner occupier property, and they relied heavily on commission income to meet the repayments.

Challenges Faced

Some lenders will use commission income if evidence can be provided over a 12 month period, however, the income from the previous financial year was impacted by Covid and thus reduced the client’s borrowing power.

As lockdowns had ended and the client’s industry had bounced back, the client was no longer impacted financially by Covid and their commission income was back on track. However, the 12 month average had been impacted/reduced due to lockdowns.


We were able to research and identify a suitable Lender that annualised commission income from the last 6 months (as opposed to 12 which is more common) and was able to use that to support the required loan.

This helped to avoid the need to rely on the Covid impacted income.

Our client was able to purchase their new home, the interest rate was highly competitive and the loan product features suited the Client’s needs.

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