Our Customer Review Process

Since 2001 we have helped hundreds of people manage their finances and find the right loan.

It is common that after a few years, your original loan / product may not be as competitive as it once was, so it’s worth periodically reviewing your options to see what else is on offer.

People typically refinance for one of four reasons:

  • To get a better interest rate and/or lower their repayments
  • To access their equity for other investments
  • To renovate
  • To consolidate debts

Our team spend a lot of time proactively working in the background for our existing customers to review loans, and we contact customers to ensure we are meeting their changing needs over time.

While changing your loan/Lender may lead to lower interest rates or better features, it can also come with additional costs so it’s essential to engage with us so we can calculate both the savings and the expenses involved.

If you would like us to conduct an obligation free review of your facility, please get in touch with us directly, via the Contact Us link below

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