First Point Group can provide finance options for Agriculture.  Below is a brief summary: 

Loan Purpose: 

Our Consultants can provide funding options for the Agriculture Sector looking to finance any of the following: 

  • General agriculture activities 
  • Specific variations to core policy includes beef, dairy, grain, sugar, stock leasing, wine, and wheat harvest finance 

Maximum Loan Amount: 

Rural Freehold Premises: up to 70% 

Productive Dairy Cows: up to 60% 

Weaned Cattle: up to 50% 

Grain: up to 50% 

Plant & Machinery: up to 25% of the market valuation 

Loan Team: 

Up to 15 years depending on the asset type 


Partnership: Security against the loan can include a General Security Agreement over all assets; a specific security Agreement (SSA) over any agricultural equipment deemed essential to the security package (including crops, livestock, and other agricultural goods); Registered Mortgage over the whole farm including the home block; a GSA and/or SSA (as applicable) over the Bank’s interest in any license, quota and statutory rights. 

Company: As per Partnerships, with addition of Debt and Interest Guarantee from directors 

Please contact us to discuss any opportunities.