Our Consultants can provide finance options for Pubs / Drinking Hotels. 

Below is a brief summary: 

Loan Purpose: 

Our Consultants can provide funding options for Drinking Hotels looking to finance acquisitions or make improvements. 

Maximum Loan Amount (case by case): 

Freehold (with gaming): up to 60% 

Freehold (without gaming): up to 50% 

Leasehold (with gaming): up to 50% of going concern valuation by a bank instructed valuer 

Loan Team: 

Freehold: 5 years (Interest only max loan term of 3 years) 

Leasehold: 5 years 


Registered mortgage over hotel property (or lease, if leasehold). 

Registered General Security Agreement (GSA) over the business assets of the hotel. 

Directors’ guarantees. A specific charge/security over the hotels’ liquor license and, where appropriate for state legislation, related licenses for gaming or off-license packaged liquor. 

Operations (not applicable in WA) – A Deed of consent between lessor/ lessee and Westpac if the hotels operating under the leasehold arrangement. 

Please contact us to discuss any opportunities.