Finance Options for Accounting Practices

First Point Group can provide finance options for Accounting Practices.  Below is a brief summary / example:

Loan Purpose: 

Our Brokers can provide funding options for Accounting Practices / Accountants looking to finance any of the following: 

  • Purchase of accounting practice 
  • Establishment of new practice 
  • Working capital 
  • Items of a capital expense nature 

Maximum Loan Amount: 

Business Lending: up to 60% of gross accounting fee income or <3.5x EBITDA. 

Consumer Lending: up to 90% of market value of partner’s primary residence. 

Loan Term: 

Business:10 years 

Consumer:30 years 


Partnership/Firm:Charge over business assets (unincorporated borrower i.e. general security agreement (GSA) or specific security agreement (SSA) as applicable). GSA or SSA registered against the partnership ABN (and deed of accession if applicable).

Company: General security agreement (GSA) is registered against the company’s ACN (borrower and service company in need). Directors, shareholders debt and interest guarantees.

Consumer Lending: Mortgage over residence.

Please contact us to discuss any opportunities.

Kind regards,

Simon, David, Ross and the FPG Team