Finance Options for Franchises

First Point Group can provide finance options for Franchises (over 40 Accredited Franchise Systems). 

Below is a brief summary: 

Loan Purpose: 

Our Consultants can provide funding options for Franchise Clients looking to finance any of the following: 

  • Purchase of existing/new franchise outlets 
  • Stock and equipment 
  • Working capital 
  • Equipment and refurbishment

Maximum Loan Amount: 

Assessed on ‘Sector Value Ratios’ applicable for individual accredited franchise systems.   Contact us to discuss individual franchises.

Loan Term: 

Lesser of 10 years or residual term of franchise agreement. 


Director’s guarantee from company borrowers incorporating franchise agreement.

General Security Agreement (GSA) registered for company borrowers.

Or Specific Security Agreements (SSA) for partnerships or sole traders.

Right of entry and other tangible security as necessary. 

Please contact us to discuss any opportunities.